Creve Coeur Case Becomes Final

Carl Lumley the attorney handling the Creve Coeur case for the City reports that: “On January 31 the Missouri Supreme Court denied transfer, so our victory in the Court of Appeals is now final and the Creve Coeur intersection safety ordinance involving camera enforcement has been judicially approved. Our ordinance specifically creates a distinct violation and simply holds the vehicle owner responsible. It does not employ a rebuttable presumption that the owner was the driver. If your city uses a different approach, or wants to consider starting a program, you may want to examine the ordinance and the court opinion. You can look at the ordinance online at It is section 315.140 of the Creve Coeur Code of Ordinances.” Congratulations to Carl. For an earlier discussion of this case see my Post: Creve Coeur Photo Red Light Ordinance Upheldposted on November 2, 2011.

In the meantime the City of Springfield is considering restoring its intersection traffic safety program involving camera enforcement.

Howard Wright@2012

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