About This Blog

For several years I have written a monthly newsletter for the Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association (MMAA) published by the Missouri Municipal League for members of the MMAA. The newsletter is written for lawyers focusing on the key aspects of important cases and other legal developments in Missouri. Copies of my monthly MMAA newsletter can be found on-line at the MML Website on the left hand side under Attorney’s Newsletter.

For some time, I have wanted to cover local government issues from a much broader and different perspective. This blog is intended to concentrate on the public policy aspects of local government law. In

On the trail

order to resolve many of the complex issues facing cities, public  officials need to have a basic understanding of the legal framework. The focus of my blog will be at the intersection of law and public policy. Once the legal structure is understood public officials can better focus on and resolve the public policy questions. Obviously this endeavor is fraught with potential difficulties so bear with me if I seem to be tilting at windmills.

Obviously I will not be able to cover everything so I will have to pick and choose. While I get to choose, I am interested in your views so please feel free to send me an e-mail advising me of your interests.

My blog also provides me with an opportunity to relate many enjoyable personal experiences particularly as they relate to the practice of law or other things that are of interest.  It is also a kind of amateur journalism. To some extent, this blog is advertising. The choice of a lawyer should not be made on the basis of advertising alone.The information provided in this blog is not intended to constitute legal advice.

If you want legal advice, call a lawyer to make an appointment. Good legal advice has many components but the following are a minimum: A diligent and interested lawyer who does not have undisclosed conflicts of interest; a client who presents information openly; a set of facts that the lawyer has an opportunity to scrutinize and evaluate; a review of legal rules (statutes, court opinions, agency regulations, local ordinances, etc.) that may be applicable to the facts;  how local attorneys and judges deal with similar problems is also important; and the payment of a fee by the client to the lawyer. The value of legal advice is often enhanced by the lawyer’s experience in handling similar situations and the lawyer’s expertise, which comes from experience, interest, intelligence, and ingenuity.

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